Thursday, 1 November 2012

Regarding Long-Awaited Arrivals

Art by Wayne McLoughlin
I've been stalking the new Warriors cover for weeks and it's finally been revealed! I wish I could see the creative process for Wayne McLoughlin's covers - and some of the roughs for positioning and alternate covers that didn't make the cut. In fact, he should do an entire art book. That would be magnificent.

The book will be out on the fifth of March - that's nearly half a year away, but at least I have a book-and-a-bit to tide me over until then (plus four more Special Thick Books).

And I must speculate on the promise encapsulated by that reddish-orange dot - a written scene? Or an illustrated scene? Either would be most welcome.

In other news, I have recently looked out the glass door to see a leggy black cat helping itself to some cheddar crisps from the boards of the deck. We didn't exactly have cats in mind when we placed the crisps out for various wildlife, but okay. That works too.

French onion soup makes a wonderful gravy for colcannon. Heart.

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