Saturday, 2 July 2011

Regarding 'Larklight' {Book Review!}

Some time ago, I picked up an enticingly decorated volume entitled 'Larklight' and written by a Mr Philip Reeve. In fact, it was because of the title that I picked it up in the first place - I am obsessively enthusiastic about birds and anything to do with them, and I found the lark bit of the title particularly interesting. Upon further examination, I found it to be highly relevant to my interests. (Victorians in space! And giant spiders!)

The book proudly proclaims that it is 'decorated throughout by Mr David Wyatt', and this is very true. Mr Wyatt's pen-and-ink illustrations capture the spirit of the story perfectly and add a certain depth to the characters and settings.

The story itself is clever, with interesting twists along the way. Mr Reeve is, in my opinion, an excellent writer, throwing in brilliant bits of humour and turns of phrase without distracting from the plot. Footnotes are used generously (often to amusing effect) all through the book, and this is a Good Thing. Even if the author became occasionally confused regarding the proper usage of the words 'its' and 'it's' (they're not interchangeable!), I found the book to be entirely enjoyable overall. I am currently reading the second book (Starcross) in the trilogy, and it has been just as good so far.

In summary: Larklight is a good book, Philip Reeve is a clever man, and I recommend this bit of reading for anyone who would like a bit of light enjoyment without emotional involvement or confusing plotlines.