Saturday, 29 October 2011

Regarding Triumphant Triumph

Let all the people rejoice, for I have finished reading a book.  Not just any book, mind you - no, no.  I have finished reading 'Ivanhoe' by one Sir Walter Scott.

This was no easy feat.

The book is claimed to be 'the father of the modern historical romance novel' or something like that.  I believe that about ninety-eight percent of the book could have been removed without affecting the storyline at all.  And romance?  There was no romance.  There was fighting aplenty, and certainly some racism, but nothing which I would consider romantic.  'Dense' is the best way to describe this book.

But this is not a rant: it is a joyous celebration.  I have FINISHED the book and am COMPLETELY DONE WITH IT.

And now, having got through that, I do believe I can get through anything.