Saturday, 26 February 2011

Regarding My Musical Endeavours (and a Recently Acquired Book)

I have been playing the pianoforte for extended periods of time during the past few days. The result of this is that when I now close my eyes, I see the notes and keys in my mind as though they are before me once again. But another result is that I can now play a particular new piece quite well, stumbling only two or three times during the song. I hope to soon have it memorised to the point that I may play it and think about other things simultaneously. If I can manage to serenade myself as I compose poetry in my head, it may improve my productivity. I shall look into this.

On an unrelated note, I have recently begun to read the book 'Foundling' by a D. M. Cornish. It is the first volume in a series entitled 'Monster-Blood Tattoo' and is quite to my liking at the time of this writing. I hope it shall continue in just as pleasing a fashion. The author's illustrations in pencil are rather aesthetically appealing, and this adds to the overall charm of the book. It has also inspired me to attempt some graphite drawings of my own invention. Perhaps these will be available for you to view here at some near future time.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Regarding a Certain Nocturnal Escapade Performed by my Sister

I am sure that you all are familiar with the tales of my sister Kristebel's behaviour during her varying stages of light sleep. For those of you who are not, you must simply know that she has a tendency to execute odd behaviours and take up strange conversations while she is apparently sleeping. Last night there was another occurrence of this strangety.

At about three o' clock in the morning, she sat bolt upright and looked about wildly with a panicked expression on her face. "I cannot think," she intoned desperately, leaping to her feet. "I cannot think of anything!" And with this remark she took leave of the premises and fled from my room.

There was a cat between me and the side of my bed; I know not how I managed to leap over him without causing him harm. But as soon as my feet were on the ground I took up pursuit of my troubled sibling and followed her to the top of the stairs where she stood, apparently ready to fling herself down the steps.

"I cannot think of anything," she repeated, and then a new panic lit in her eyes. "I CANNOT FEEL MY ARM," she declared loudly, and proceeded to implore that I rub her arm for her. As I acquiesced to this request, some sort of calmness and understanding seemed to come over her and she relaxed slightly. Eventually I was able to direct her back to my room, where she sat down as if nothing had happened and went back to sleep shortly thereafter. I, meanwhile, stayed awake for some time, my heart pounding with residual panic.

When I now speak to her regarding this matter, she says that she does not remember all of it, but can recall standing at the top of the stairs as I caught up with her. I am simply glad that I managed to take hold of her before she tripped down the steps and did herself some great injury.