Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Regarding October

* It is the best month.

* It is coming soon!

* I have now had a Pumpkin Spice Latte! HEART.

* For something like half an hour I've been wondering about the strange chemical smell which comes in waves and is terrifying (not really) and confusing (really). Just now it has turned out to be a lemon, which managed to stay yellow and nice-looking for (approximately) four hundred years before going off a day later. It has become all brown and strange-looking and smells like nothing should. Seriously - the next time you have a lemon, save the peel and put it in your fruit basket until it turns all brown and horrid and then sniff it for an experience unlike anything you could ever have imagined. You will thank me.

* TEA! We ordered some Davidson's Earl Grey a few days ago and it arrived today. IT IS AMAZING.

* Mum has harvested one of the bushes of jewelweed growing rampant in the garden. She means to chop it up and boil it and freeze it in ice-cubes for use in case of poison ivy (which is also growing rampant in the garden). Simple, yes? Not for my multitude of siblings (who are very clever but still remain confused by some things occasionally):
 -Brother was outraged that Mum had uprooted ALL THE JEWELWEED, until I informed him that it was ONLY ONE OF THE JEWELWEED, at which point he switched to being outraged that she had uprooted AN ENTIRE BUSH OF THE JEWELWEED.
-Smallest sister was absolutely flabbergasted that Mum might possibly want to chop AND boil AND freeze jewelweed, and besides, she thought it was strange that there was just a jewelweed lying there.
-Slighly larger sister was at first frightened (I think) and then confused as to why Mum might possibly want to chop AND boil AND freeze the stuff if she wasn't going to put it in glasses and drink it.
Love my siblings. They are very funny.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Regarding Pasta

Today we made cheesy sauce and brown rice pasta for supper. It was tasty - and exciting. The packet claimed that a variety of eighteen different pasta shapes were contained within, but we managed to find even more than that. Here are a select few of our discoveries:

-Penguin with rocket-propelled grenade launcher
-Fancy hat
-Throwing star
-Hermes' shoe
-Brass knuckles
-Beef heart
-Cassette tape
-Eucalyptus tree
-Bone with a bit of sinew
-Alien skull with attached vertebrae
-Giraffe riding on a unicycle
-LEGO arm
-Wolf standing on the bonnet of a vintage car and howling at the moon
-Human arm
-Rooster with arms
-Rabbit hiding behind a very small hill
-Boot for the Little People
-Camel being frightened by a smallish rock

Friday, 14 September 2012

Regarding Some More Things

Increasingly vague titles: a sure sign of an excellent blog.

* I painted Prague the other night. Well, not all of it. Just a bit. A fictional bit, really. But it's quite a good bit. Pictures to follow (the paper won't fit in my scanner so I'll have to take it to the library and scan it there).

* More reading news: I've chewed my way through to Warriors #4.5 (The Forgotten Warrior). This is the penultimate book of the currently published array! Of course, I've got three (soon four) Super Editions to work my way through - as well as a narrow companion book and a half - so that should keep me busy until March, when 'Dawn of the Clans: The Sun Trail' comes out! I hope the cover art is released soon (but not too soon - the waiting makes it sweeter).

* The Educational Endeavours are going well. I'm doing some really brilliant maths entirely involving triangles, and this week's topic was extraordinarily thrilling (Prove the Validity of the Triangular Ratio Statement Utilising Only Your Wits and the Inherent Validity of Equivalent Statements, or something like that). It makes my head feel all smug and pleasant inside.

* Lucy (aliases include Oosy, Lucy-beast, and Cactus Cat or just Cactus) is settling in well, and she's discovered that she really loves paper sacks. I was holding one today and she was Curious About It, so I placed it on the ground and she immediately went inside and began punching the insides of it. Trillian/Puff/Bee was watching intently, flattening her ears and going all sideways over the edges of her chair, so that's a good thing - she's been the most frightened of Lucy and it's good to see her being not-so-worried.

* Autumn is settling in! Soon the world will be a riot of colours. I haven't had a Pumpkin Spice Latte yet, though. This must be remedied.

*  AVENGERS IS COMING OUT ON DVD SOON. We've re-watched all the related films in preparation, and it will be amazing.

* Our hibiscus bush/tree-creature is monstrously tall. I'm quite convinced it's grown several feet over the past few months.

* The London Philharmonic Orchestra's rendition of Korobeiniki (more commonly known as The Tetris Theme) is absolutely stunning. I do not use this word lightly. Go listen to that and also their Angry Birds theme. I wish it were easier to find more songs in the Korobeiniki style - Mummy says klezmer and I think 1920s - but maybe some will turn up.

 * I just looked up J C Amberlyn on a whim and she's got a new book coming out! This one - her third - will be published on 20 November and looks much more promising than her sadly lacking Second Book. Third Book is about drawing cats, dogs, and other pets - perfect for me because I've been wanting to get into an amazing cat-drawing spree! Amberlyn's first book, Drawing Wildlife, is utterly spectacular; it's probably the one drawing book I'd choose if I were offered such a difficult choice. (Her second book, unfortunately, buys into the manga trend and makes me sad because it does nothing to illustrate the magnificent high points of her artistic abilities.)

* We're nearly halfway through September.

* Edit because it's just that amazing: YES. YES. YESSSSS. Terryl Whitlatch has a new book coming out too - 'Principles of Creature Design: From the Actual to the Amazing'. Look for it on the fifteenth of March!