Saturday, 10 November 2012

Regarding Excitement

* I have just learned about Narritivia. It is Sir Terry Pratchett's recently-created film company! They'll be the ones behind the upcoming Good Omens (!!! ! ! !) as well as thirteen episodes (so far) of a series ('The Watch') about Ankh-Morpork's police force.

* Neil Gaiman is writing another Doctor Who episode. YAYYYYYYYYYY

* I keep coming up with really good opening lines for books and nothing to do with them. I think I might just write a book that includes a lot of references to fictional books and then I can use the opening lines.

 * IT IS ALMOST CHRISTMAS. We've been thinking about decorating the house rather earlier than is socially acceptable. (It's only the inside of the house, anyway, so it's not like anyone will care.)

* I've just discovered that an independent bookstore near us is having their Annual Sale starting next Wednesday! THIS IS VERY EXCITING.

 * Kedgeree.

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