Friday, 21 December 2012

Regarding Musicals

We watched The Sound of Music a few nights ago. I hadn't seen it for something like five years, and even then the sound went out about twenty minutes in and I had to fill in the rest with dialogue and songs of my own invention (more on that later, perhaps - or a re-enactment to follow). Anyway, there were some things I noticed upon rewatching the film as a Fully-Functioning Aware Person.

-Everyone has a personality
-Rolfe is really, really awful (I never liked him but this time I fully grasped the magnitude of his unpleasantness)
-We should go to Austria and sing in the mountains
-WALTZES EVERYWHERE which is wonderful because I am an absolute sucker for waltzes

All in all it was really amazing. I want to learn ALL THE WORDS and sing along to everything next time.

Also: CHRISTMAS. I am very excited for it. We are planning all manner of festive activities and foods, and it will be great fun. Also, since we always open our presents on the night of Christmas Eve, we'll be driving to see our family on Christmas Day which will be amazing because the roads will be super-empty (we hope)! I'm sure we'll get loads of good stories out of the drive. . .

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