Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Regarding Little Things

There are a lot of things in life that I really enjoy. Some of them are enormous (like the United Kingdom and the Animalia Kingdom and all the custard in the world) and some of them are tiny (like small meadows, small frogs, and the smallest bowl of custard ever). But I love all of them.

Here are some of the little things that I have to report.

* Our newest cat, Lucy, loves yoghurt. She loves anything made out of milk. When we've finished with our yoghurt-cups, we hand them over to her and she licks them clean. Once she's got all around the edges as far down as her tongue can go, she puts her paw into the stuff at the bottom and then licks it off. Many times.

* Recently we went to a beautiful botanical garden and saw many plants and bees. We also saw a lovely little stream full of small fishies! We noticed that one fish had a tiny yellow flower in his mouth. Apparently the rest of the fish noticed this as well - they were chasing after him trying to take it for themselves! We dropped in a leaf to see what would happen - they didn't want it. But when we found more yellow flowers and dropped those in, they pounced on them!

* The cover art for 'Wolves of the Beyond' Six (Star Wolf) has been revealed, and it's lovely. I need to read Five so I'll be ready for the series finale!

* I'm now on Warriors #4.1 (The Fourth Apprentice). It's really good!

* I recently discovered a website which offers free patterns for very interesting bits of clothing! It's perfect timing as I've been wanting to make some things to wear.

* We have a craft show scheduled for Sunday. Craft shows are always fun. Perhaps I'll even get a blog post out of this one!

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