Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Regarding My Goals for July

It is getting very, very warm. I suppose this is the sort of thing which is to be expected as one is immersed in The Hot Hot Summer. All the same, it's vaguely alarming. Especially since we haven't had any rain to speak of.

Anyway, I've decided to stay inside as much as possible and work on my creative endeavours. Here, then, are some of my goals for the coming month:

* I want to become magnificent at drawing cats. I must research their shapes and then put my amazing knowledge to use.
* I want to be able to write excellent improvised songs. Thanks to some quick lessons from a friend, I am now prepared for this.
* I want to start writing the book that has been baking in my head for several months/years/increments of time in various forms and permutations.
* I want to develop a recipe for Scrambled Custard.
* I want to write more letters. Soviet Russia letters, to be precise.
* I want to finish the poems that have been floating around in my notebook for months.
* I want to start new poems.
* I want to finish old drawings and start new ones.
* I want to learn to identify fifty more British birds.
* I want to hunt down every damask-patterned delightful thing in the land and hide it in my room.
* I want to learn new things to play on the pianoforte.
* I want to make a beautiful book of wonderful things.
* I want to discover new fantastic things of whose existence I was totally unaware.
* I want to learn more things.

I shall print this list with added checkmarks, and then I shall keep it in full sight of myself and remember to do the things on it.


  1. I can't wait for your poetry!! All very good goals.

  2. You will be very accomplished indeed if you get through this list in one month. I await the pianoforte concert. :)

  3. Megan - Hurrah! I hope to have some finished soon.

    Mrs H - I hope I will manage it :D Yay concerts!

  4. Huzzah! You are amazing, Mary!

  5. Hey, I just discovered your list and I hope you managed everything on it ;)
    It remembered me pretty much of the mental list I do every year as soon as the summer holidays get in reach :) I just never finished anything especially not the books I wanted to write :D. So I hope you were luckier than me!?

    Greetings from Germany and a huge "sorry for my English". :)

  6. Hello there! :D Thanks for the comment! I did manage some of the things on this list, but lots of them will have to be moved to my next list as well ;D

    No problem - I only know a few words of German myself, so I'm sure you're doing better than I would!