Friday, 9 March 2012

Regarding Vegetarianism

I have become a non-gluten-eating vegetarian person.

In other news,

-I am nearly finished with the second series of Warriors. I'm also working on 'The Fountainhead' by Ayn Rand, which has been extremely enjoyable. I have just created some peanut-butter-chocolate-shortbready biscuits, and they are quite lovely.
-There's not much else going on. We're currently having a warm snap in the weather; I'm hoping for one snowfall (three feet?) and then I'll be fine with whatever the weather throws at us. Well, I'll be fine with spring. I love when it rains, but it's even better without the guilt of wishing it would snow just once instead.
-Oh! Today I worked on matrices in maths. They were wonderful. I'm nearly halfway through my chemistry course, and that's being brilliant as well (I'm working on electron configurations and orbit shapes).
-Back to reading: my goal is to finish eleven books (plus the remainder of the one I'm reading now) before the third of April, when the newest one will be out.
-My mum is working on a lovely Harry Potter-inspired shadowbox. Ask her for pictures when she's done!


  1. Did you reach the eleven finished books? Do share a picture of the finished shadow box with us :)

  2. Oh dear - I'm afraid I didn't! Things were happening left and right. On the bright side, I'll now have something to read on the drive!

  3. I remember you working on Matrices. Aren't they a bit redundant, considering the calculator now does all the work? I like the reading goal, did you finish up on the drive?

  4. They are in fact redundant. But I love working them out. It gives me a Maths Buzz.

    I did not actually finish my reading goal. Oh dear.